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Detox Water

Jeg har længe ville skrive dette indlæg, men har ikke kunne finde tiden, før i dag. Jeg har for 3 år siden skrevet et indlæg om samme emne (Kan læses her) og nu kommer der lige en mere. Jer der har mig på Facebook, Instagram og i sær Snapchat, har nok længe opdaget, at jeg er stor chokolade spiser, men også stor fan af Detox Water.

IMG_1743Jeg får en masse spørgsmål om de sundhedsmæssige fordele ved Detox Water, især den ernæringsmæssige værdi af hver opskrift. Sandheden er, at det vigtigste sundhedsmæssige fordel af Detox Water er hydrering. Disse sunde drinks kan indeholde en masse ernæringer og vitaminer, men det kommer selvfølgelig helt an på, hvilke ingredienser du kommer i. Da jeg er ret dårlig til at drikke vand, er Detox Water en god manipulation, til at få mig til at drikke noget mere vand.

IMG_1741IMG_1740IMG_1739Mine Detox Waters indeholder altid ingefær og mynte og så blander jeg lidt forskelligt, afhængig af humøret. Ja farverne i Detox Water hjælper mig faktisk mentalt, når jeg har en dårlig dag 🙂  Det er fantasien, der sætter grænser, men vil stærkt anbefale at bruge ingefær, mynte og citron. HUSK nu at ingredienserne skal være økologiske. Jeg elsker, at bruge flaskerne fra Voss World – de er fine og nemme at bruge 🙂

IMG_1738Er dit formål vægttab, så prøv at komme grøn te i blandingen – OBS!!! Du taber dig ikke ved bare at drikke Detox Water- Der skal stadig sund kost og motion til. Detox Water hjælper kun på processen.

Selvom det ikke er her, du får alle dine vitaminer og ernæringer, så er hydrering alt afgørende for din krop og hjerne fungere optimalt. Drikke rigelig vand dagligt hjælper til:

  • Transporter næringsstoffer og ilt
  • Beskytter dine organer og holder dem fungerende
  • Holder huden ung og blød
  • Regulerer kropstemperaturen
  • Hjælper på dehydrering fra kaffe, alkohol, medicin og motion
  • Holder musklerne i gang
  • Holder din afføring regelmæssig
  • Hjælper på vægttab
  • Tænke mere tydeligt

Med Detox Water leverer du kroppen rent vand, der er blevet lidt aromatiseret ved friske frugter og urter, som begge også indeholder naturligt vand. Disse Detox Water er bedre end de Vitamin vand, man kan købe, som er lavet med kunstige farvestoffer og kemiske vitaminer.


Det er så vigtig at drikke vand, men somme tider glemmer man lidt, at drikke nok vand og kun drikker, når man er tørstig. Er du ligeså dårlig, til at drikke vand som mig? Så prøv at lave disse lækre Detox water, som er en super god alternativ for almindelig vand. De smager fantastisk og fyldt med sunde ingredienser og vitaminer og ikke mindst, kan de hjælpe dig på vejen til, at tabe et par kilo – Yayyyy

Highly Sensitive

This is my first and probably the last personal post here on the blog. I have not written posts before about my personal life and me. You may have already noticed that I only make post about recipes, product recommendations, holidays and beauty tips. Today I’m writing about a personal issue I have had since I was a child, and I’m sure there are many others out there who struggle with this too. I’m not going to ignore this issue anymore and you guys shouldn’t either.

A little more than 18 months ago, I got a book from my sister and when I saw the title of the book, I was quite upset. The book was called “Highly sensitive” I had long looked at the book, but did not read it until I became curious about what could be in such a book.

We all have our sensitive areas. It is said that certain sensitive people have a biological difference in the nervous system, which means that they are more susceptible to stimuli and impressions. Feelings and thoughts can affect certain sensitive people much stronger than it in other “normal” people. I am incredibly easy to tear and I’m quickly affected by emotions, thoughts, sad news, positive experiences and happy news. Many people think that I am not interested in what´s going on around the world, which is completely wrong, but my head just cannot cope with distressing news of war, rape and so on. When I hear such news, it goes directly into my skin and affects me mentally and I experience the same feelings if I see a human or animal get hurt.

Another thing I’ve struggled with since I was a child was thoughts and feelings about faith, superstition and spirits. I am still convinced that I have seen spirits as a child and my parents finally believes in me after a fortuneteller recently confirmed it. Today I do not see spirits, but have a feeling that I can feel them. My family and closest friends know stories about my experiences. I have read so many books about spirits, UFOs, played the game “spirit in the glass” and watched horror movies in my teen ages. I was easily influenced by the movies and was warned by a psychologist that I should stop watching the movies. It is said that special sensitive people find it easier to empathize with situations and live in a dream world where they do not always realize what is a dream and reality.FullSizeRender(6)

When one is Highly Sensitive, it is very important to get connected and take breaks more than normal people. Breaks for Highly sensitive people are so important; it doesn’t need to be long, maybe just five minutes alone with a cup of coffee. Relaxation makes a big difference so you can overcome impressions during the day, and therefore avoid becoming over stimulated. I have always been religious, and had an interest in creative hobbies as arranging, baking and taking pictures. Lately I have done a lot with baking and photography, as it is the way for me to take breaks by relaxing. Additionally, I find serenity when praying, meditating, listening to music, walking by the sea and being with children.

All people reach a closing point, but in special sensitive people it happens fast and often. If I do not “take care” of my Highly Sensitive sides enough, then I quickly reach the closing point, as I have not given myself time to process emotions, moods and impressions. I work to get better at listening to myself, so I do not reach my closing point so often.

Highly Sensitive people often feel that it is a shame and trying to hide and will not admit that they are Highly Sensitive. Today I have become wiser and have actually found out that I am not alone on the phenomenon. The best thing to do is admit that you are Highly sensitive and work on the different situations that affects you. The most important thing is that you do not feel pity, for there is nothing wrong in being Highly Sensitive, on the contrary, there are also some advantages to be Highly Sensitive. We often transfer other people’s energy and moods to us, but it is not always so negative that we can feel other people as much as we can.IMG_1635

Highly Sensitive people are born with many gifts and talents and if we learn to use them correctly, our life will be more harmonious and in balance than many other people. HERE ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF BEING SENSITIVE WE SHOULD APPRECIATE

Creative and good at creating.

You have a unique ability to create and you have an ability to create new things. You are creative on many different levels and often think “outside the box”.

Meticulous and has an ability to see the smallest details.

You pick up and process most things on a deeper level, you are often a formidable ability to pay attention to the smallest detail and especially in the areas, you care about.

Master in contemplation

You can go deeper into a specific field or you can do for a long time without getting bored. Because you have the introspection ability, you will often be very original and have innovative ideas for the area you have immersed yourself in.

You are hard working

You are used to make an extra effort because you constantly have to relate to environments, which can seem a stimulating effect on you. Once you have set yourself a goal, then you can achieve it too often because you are so industrious and get great lengths to achieve it.


Independence usually develops more and more the older you get. Usually you will also be better to stand by yourself and your independence the more you work with yourself and your personal development and maturing through it. You find a way to stand alone with your attitude and your approach to life and therefore choose often to go a second and different way than most.


As someone that is quite sensitive, you have a naturally open mind on the experiences that life gives you. You often experience art, music, nature, love and togetherness with other people on a very deep level. Having great self-awareness Your insight in and around yourself is often very large. It is a huge advantage when it comes to coping with stress and when it comes to your own personal development.

Flexible thinking.

You are also known as “freethinkers.” The standards that apply in your surroundings do not limit you and you’re really good at combining and combining different types of thinking, faiths and beliefs. Great empathy. You understand other people on a deeper level. Often you do not have words to sense how others feel. You’ll feel simply the energy of others and tuner quickly into them and feel very exactly how they feel.

With these beautiful advantages and abilities that I just outlined here, you will also be able to responsibly utilize your sensitivity in a positive manner. As a Highly Sensitive person, you have EXTRA opportunities to make a good life for yourself. The advantages here can be used as resources you can draw on, but you’ll have to pull them forward yourself. They are all potentials. So you should take responsibility for yourself to use, deal with and express the abilities and potentials you have as someone that is sensitive.

I hope all Highly Sensitive people out there will think more positive about them self and take all the positive advantages as a gift and make there life more beautiful.

Classic Quick Easy Chocolate Cake

It´s soon weekend and that means time to treat yourself and the lovely people around you. Why not bake a delicious chocolate cake for them? Mint will always be my favorite flavor to pair with chocolate and these cakes are rich and dense with the perfect hint of mint.

RecipeClassic Quick Easy Chocolate Cake


(10-12 pieces)

150 g flour
30 g After Eight chocolate
50 g sugar
70 gr brown sugar
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 dl milk
1 dl vegetable oil

2 eggs (or another 1 dl vegetable oil, for vegetarian version)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1.Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
2. In a bowl mix the flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
3.Add milk, oil, after eight chocolate, vanilla extract and eggs. Stir until the dough is smooth and even.
4. Fill dough in to 10 mini cake forms or in muffin forms. Bake in center of oven for about 10-12 min and let them cool completely

blogA pile of whipped cream is swirled on top and it is garnished with Nutella cream, nuts and a mint leaf.

Try this delicious easy chocolate cake recipe when you get time.

Have a great day 🙂

Vinder af 4. advent konkurrence

Goddag søde læser,

IIIIhhh det varmer vores små hjerter at se så mange deltage i konkurrencen. Det var årets sidste konkurrence på bloggen, men mon ikke vi også finder på noget sjovt til vores læser i det nye år:)

Vi har fundet den heldige vinder af skin kit fra Dermalogica: Dorte Slouborg
Stort tillykke til dig Dorte Slouborg. Vil du sende din adresse til 5smiles, vi sørger for at formidle dine oplysninger videre til Dermalogica, som sender dig adventsgaven:)

Rigtig god aften til jer alle:)

4. advent konkurrence – Vind et skin kit fra Dermalogica

Glædelig 4. advent til alle jer skønne mennesker.


Så er vi nået til sidste advent i år og dermed sidste konkurrence på bloggen. I denne anledning vil vi gerne forkæle jer med et skin kit fra Dermalogica.

111902Skin kittet indeholder både ansigtsrens, toner, lotion, scrub og øjencreme. I kan læse mere om produkterne på deres hjemmeside her.

For at deltage i konkurrencen skal du følgende:

Like Dermalogica Danmark facebook page

Like facebook page

Skriv deltager i kommentarfeltet her på hjemmesiden.


Konkurrencen slutter mandag den 21. December kl. 17.00

Herefter offentliggøres vinderen på bloggen.


Denne konkurrence er på ingen måder sponsoreret, godkendt eller forbundet med Facebook.


Konkurrencen er sponsoreret af Dermalogica  

Vinder af 2. advent konkurrence

Tusind tak til jer skønne tøser, som har deltaget i konkurrencen. Vi har fundet den heldige vinder: Det blev Chrinstina Anton, stort tillykke til dig. Vil du send en privat besked med hvilken øreringe du ønsker. Udvalget findes her:

Hele december kører vi med 40 % rabat på øreringe og fri fragt på tattoo og øreringe. Skynd jer at bestille:)

Hvad kunne I tænke jer at vinde til 3. advent?

Rigtig god aften til jer alle:)

2. advents konkurrence

Glædelig 2. advent 🙂
muraj øreringe

I anledningen af 2. advent, så er vi klar til en ny konkurrence. Denne gang kan du blive den heldige vinder af to valgfrie øreringe, sponseret fra

For at deltage i konkurrencen bedes du like Muraj facebook side og give konkurrence opslaget en like. Det er vigtigt, at du kommenterer på eller på MuRaj facebook page, at du deltager i konkurrencen, da vinderen findes blandt dem som har kommenteret.
Konkurrencen går til mandag den 7 december 2015, klokken 17:00.
Herefter offentliggøres vinderen.

Denne konkurrence er på ingen måder sponsoreret, godkendt eller forbundet med Facebook.

Held og lykke allesammen:)

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Vinder af 1. advent konkurrence

Vi har fundet den heldig vinder af MK olie, det blev Sisse Marie Sjøgren Nielsen. Tillykke Sisse:)

Tak til alle jer, som har deltaget i konkurrencen. Hold godt øje med bloggen, der vil komme flere konkurrencer i løbet af december måneder.

Rigtig god aften til jer alle:)

1. Advent konkurrence – vind MK olie

mk olie
Glædelig første advent alle sammen:)
Vi er kommet i julehumør og har derfor besluttet, at vi vil køre adventskonkurrencer i december måned på med lækre gaver sponseret fra
Du har derfor i dag muligheden for vinde en olie fra Maybritt Krewalds serie. Du kan frit vælge mellem de tre varianter, som kan findes på

For at deltage i konkurrencen skal du følgende:
1. Like Muraj på facebook (I må også gerne følge Murajdk på Instagram)

2. Skriv “MK olier” i kommentar her på bloggen

Du må meget gerne dele opslaget og tagge alle dem, som du har lyst til, men det er ikke et krav for at deltage.

Konkurrencen slutter mandag den 30 november klokken 17:59 og vi offentliggøre den heldige vinder mandag 🙂

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Dermalogica FaceMapping


Kender du din hudtype? De fleste af jer vil nok tænke ja, men mange glemmer den forandring der sker med huden i løbet af et år. Det første skridt for at få en sund hud, er at få identificeret hudtypen og hudtilstanden. Huden bliver løbende påvirket af vejret, kostvaner, omgivelserne og hormonbalancen. Det er derfor utrolig vigtig, at beskytte huden i takt med forandringerne. Jeg har før i tiden valgt produkter baseret på, hvad mine veninder brugte og kendte brands, indtil jeg fik øjnene op for Dermalogica for godt halvt år siden.

IMG_1554Jeg har for noget tid siden, blogget om mit besøg hos en Dermalogica kosmetolog, hvor jeg fik lavet FaceMapping. Jeg har altid bildt mig ind, at jeg havde kombineret hudtype og har sikkert også haft det. Efter en Dermalogica FaceMapping, er jeg blevet klogere og fundet frem til, at jeg faktisk har fedtet hud. Jeg plejer normalt, bruge en fed creme her i vinterperioden, men nu hvor jeg har meget fedtet hud, er det slet ikke nødvendigt.

SAM_1228Nu er der sikker nogen af jer, der tænker, hvad og hvordan forgår en FaceMapping. Dermalogica FaceMapping hudanalyse kortlægger hudens individuelle behov og viser vejen til at bevare en sund hud hele livet. Analysen kortlægger huden zone for zone, hvor der undersøges minutiøst, for at klarlægge både den genetisk bestemte hudtype og hudens aktuelle tilstand. Med analysens baggrund kan du få uovertruffen rådgivning om, hvilke produkter der bør bruges. FaceMapping bliver udført af en certificeret Dermalogica-hudterapeut og dermed vejlede med bedst muligt i forhold til at vælge de rette produkter.

FACE-MAPPINGDermalogica FaceMapping kan stærkt anbefales og ikke mindst deres lækre produkter. Jeg beklager meget, at jeg tidligere har blogget om, at deres produkter indeholder kemikalier. Det har været en fejl fra min side. Dermalogica produkter indeholder ikke kemikalier, men planteekstrakter. I kan læse meget mere om produkterne og FaceMapping på deres hjemmeside og facebookside.

Fortsat rigtig god dag til jer alle 🙂

Indlægget er sponsoreret af Dermalogica