I’m finally home after a wonderful trip to Canada. Before the trip, we girls planned to workout in Canada, but it was simply too hot to run outside; I couldn’t take the heat after two days. During the whole holiday we were treated with all kinds of delicious Indian and Tamil food. We don’t usually eat all that food in Denmark, so of course we couldn’t say no to all the delicious food we were served. Besides the food, we were also caught by the coffe and donuts at Tim Hortons ☺ I already miss all the food and sweets, but I don’t think my body does. I can feel the pounds have set again, so now it’s time to go back to a healthy lifestyle.

We often want to spend the weekend like little children. Yes the food should be good, but still healthy ☺ So here’s the recipe for an easy, delicious and healthy cake that tastes wonderful.

Easy and Healthy protein cake


1 cup oatmeal
2 cups water
1 egg (If you are vegetarian, you can use buttermilk or oil)
little stevia
little baking soda
1 scoop protein powder
Cocoa powder (if desired)


Mix it all in a bowl. Put on some foil and put it in the microwave for approx. 90-120 sec. Depending on how firm you want the cake. Turn the bowl over a plate and voila the cake is ready.
The cake can be topped with a little yogurt, honey, nuts and chocolate sauce. If you want to be completely healthy top it off with only yogurt and fruits.

Hope you will enjoy the recipe 🙂
Have a nice weekend