As you know iOS 7.0 was available from Wednesday and of course I downloaded it. I am very pleased with the new look and the new features it has got.

On various social media sites it’s being discussed that iOS 7.0 is a copy of android and Windows. I must admit that when I saw my iPhone with iOS 7.0 I thought it looked similar to the Android too. I don’t know about Windows phones, but I had played with my friend’s android phone, so I knew that it looked like the android design.


This is some of the new features in iOS 7.0





20130921-195022.jpgNew Camera

If we were to duscuss about copies, we’d have to look back and see who came up with the first smartphone. Is it not also a copy when other companies also start producing smartphones, tablets, etc.? is it only a copy when it comes to operating systems?

Personally, I love my iPhone, but must admit that I am not as happy with my Mac laptop. What I like about the iPhone or Apple products in general, is their design. Apple has a simple, easy and clean design, which attracts me. And I love the delicate silver color. There are countless brands to choose from today, but if I had to compare, I think that the Samsung is a giant, ugly block. HTC and Nokia’s are not my taste either, they are too masculine to me. However,  in my teenage years I had a Nokia phone like many others, but at that time we didn’t have  much to choose from. 🙂 The only thing I like about the android and windows phones are the operating systems.

All the ’copy talk’ does not mean so much to me, as I’m happy with the new look and features it has got. In fact, I am happy that I have my favorite phone with features I like, from the other phones 🙂

iOS 7.0 copy or not? What do you think?