I started wearing glasses in 9th class and has over time used different lenses , but has not been happy with any of them. The contact lenses were disruptive, annoying and itchy and it was dangerous for me when I was driving car. I returned to ordinary glasses in a small period of time , until I was introduced to the ortho- k lenses. When I heard about ortho- k lenses seemed unreal to me , but I knew my optician and his family , so I couldn’t do anything else than trust my optician.

Since August 2011 I have been using these ortho- k lenses and is the best thing ever has happened to my vision. For me it is important to be able to trust an optician and know that they are skilled . I have my lens subscription at Seerup Optics and my optician named Mads Seerup and he is one the best optican in Denmark. You can visit his website here and his facebook page here. Mads Seerup and the rest of the staffs are very skilled and you can expect top service from then.
If I have to tell you briefly about ortho- k lenses as it is in other words, a non-surgical treatment , which is used to improve and restore vision in patients with myopia. The cornea is formed by means of a specially designed , rigid lens , in popular terms acts as a ” hanger ” of the eye. The patient sleep with the lenses at night, remove them in the morning and wake up to improve or perfect eyesight . It can be a little complicated to understand this principle and it also took me some time to understand . As Mads explained to me , you can imagine the lenses as a mobile charger that loads up during the night and will be ready to use in the morning. ☺

These lenses require a little extra time , but after 1 month the whole process can be done in 3 minutes.

I have tried to show the process with some pictures .

Before you sleep


1. Add one drop salt water to the lense

20131029-200824.jpg2. Put the lense on and go to sleep

In the morning:

20131029-200805.jpg3. Add one tablet in the container

20131029-200642.jpg4. Add ever clean to the tablet

20131029-200708.jpg5. Take the sucker

20131029-200742.jpg20131029-200754.jpg20131029-200731.jpg6. Take the lenses out with the sucker. It doesn’t hurt 🙂


7. The container lid have a open function. You can see the green and white side of the lid. I use the green one for my right side lense and the white one for the left side lense. Put lenses in the lid and close the container. When the tablet is dissolved, the lense is ready for use again, but you will hopefully first use it again at night.

Principle , also referred to ortho- k , are recently become known as ” sleep lenses. “Sleep lenses is not yet as widespread in Denmark , as they are abroad . However, this is changing , and Seerup Optics has rapidly become one of the opticians’ shops in Denmark that has the most customers in this type of contact lenses.

Sleep lenses is quite safe and 100% reversible. If you stop sleeping with Sleep lenses , the effect will disappear and  return to the vision you had before. It is also the reason why hard lenses at all approved by the Danish National Board of Health and the European Union.

If you are interest in these lenses I will sincerely recommend SEERUP Optics.

Have good day 🙂