I have previously written a post about the use of activated Charcoal to the facemask. The mask was inspired by the charcoal mask from the brand Origins. Check the facemask here. Today, the act of activated Charcoal is for teeth whitening. Yes it may sound a little strange, but it is a very effective product. When I was younger, my parents always told my siblings and me to brush our teeth with charcoal. We were not so fond of the taste and the black mouth we had after brushing. At that time I didn’t understand the effect of charcoal, but I happily do today.

All you need is:

– Active coal

– A jar with lid

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

1056653_10153685021215147_2118087684_n1060994_10153685021225147_1601702641_nOpen activated charcoal capsules and put it into the jar. You can easily take one capsule at a time when you have to brush your teeth, but I think it’s easier to have it ready in advance. Put toothpaste on the toothbrush and dip it in charcoal powder so the toothpaste is completely covered. Brush your teeth as usual and your mouth will become black, but it can be washed off easily with water. Active charcoal is charcoal, which has been treated with oxygen. The charcoal is used to treat stomach problems and prevents ingestion of poisons and drugs.

1616431_10153685021210147_440413980_n1058325_10153685021220147_425289124_n1241130_10153685021205147_1286232750_nThe charcoal cleans teeth like no other by removing acidic plaque, which whitens and brightens. Charcoal is completely natural and safe, so do not hesitate to try. Active charcoal can be purchased at health stores and online. Eg. here.

Remember when you are dealing with activated charcoal, it can be a bit messy and may leave black spots on things. Charcoal can be easily washed off the skin and can also be washed off clothes, but it’s best to avoid the mess. If you use charcoal for everyday it can cause tooth enamel, so limit it to 1-2 times a week.