I love French cabinets and have wanted one for for several years. However, I think my living room is too small to have a large cabinet. End of last year I decided to make my own DIY French cabinet. I chose to make a small one, so that it wouldn’t take up so much space in the living room and I’m actually quite pleased with the results.SAMSUNG CSC
SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCI bought an old French window from an older man and bought some wooden boards; then screwed it all together with a few nails. The boards and the window weren’t that nice; so I sanded them and painted them white wood paint. Initially, I was not satisfied, but now I have become quite fond of it and it fits very well into our French doors and windows in the living room.

I would still like to have a large French style cabinet and have already designed my own. I am looking forward to getting it done at some point in the future. We have plans to build and make some changes in the house, so I hope to make room for it. Next, I am quietly getting my room redone and expect to be finished before the summer starts. I have many ideas but the floor and ugly radiator annoys me very much. I am thinking creatively with a lot of high pressure to find the perfect solution. I will try to blog about it when I’m done with the room. 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone