The tamil wedding season is coming to an end, that’s mean we only have 2 more weddings to go, and then it’s done with wedding for this year. The best thing about tamil wedding is, that everyone are dressed up in colorful clothes and jewelery. I personally love to dress up for tamil functions, it’s so joy and colourful. One of my biggest passion is indian clothes and jewelery.

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This is one of my wedding outfit. The lehenga has been in my closet for over a year, before I wore it, that’s typically me:) The Lehenga was a gift from my husband, he bought it in Sri Lanka, the last time he traveled. He bought a lot of indian clothes to the kids and me. Nowadays there are a plenty of shopping opportunities in Sri Lanka, almost like India.

My siblings and cousin also wore lenga to the wedding, so I teamed up with them:).