Hello friends
This is my first post in English. Some of our lovely foreign readers have asked several times if I once in a while could write in english. So here is my first attempt.
We have now arrived at our christmas cottage and we live close to the sea. My sisters and cousins took the children’s for a long walk and they played near the sea. Unfortunately, I am sick with fever, so I just took a short walk with babyboy.
I love our Christmas tradition with cottage and the nature around is so beautiful and relaxing. I hope, that I´m better tomorrow, so I can take a long walk to the sea.

I can see this beautiful white lighthouse from our room. So cozy:)
The last family members are arriving today and we will soon start to decorate the Christmas tree – looove christmas:) My husband started the day with a nice long run and took this photo on his way. Thino turned off his phone, so it means no disturb and just enjoy the time with the family. A big gift for me and Little K;)

I wish you all a lovely evening