Hello guys,
Here is a little teaser from our pongal festival in Viborg. We have a little community for tamil people in Viborg, where we celebrate tamil festivals together. We had the honour of “doing the pongal” this year.

For those who doesn’t no what pongal is, here is a small explanation. Pongal is a hindu festival, and it’s a big celebration for tamils in the whole world. This is the time where we tamils thanks/celebrate the sun for given a good harvest. In Sri Lanka and India tamils celebrate pongal over couple of days as a big celebration. Well It’s the first time I have made Pongal like this, and I love the tradition about the pongal.:)

I was dressed up like a traditionnel tamil woman:). The saree is from my sister’s wedding, it was my bridesmaid saree. It’s a beautiful a piece of saree and the girls had same colour pavadai sattai on. Its was a great day and we enjoyed a lot.

Thanks Satchi annan for making this video