This is my first and probably the last personal post here on the blog. I have not written posts before about my personal life and me. You may have already noticed that I only make post about recipes, product recommendations, holidays and beauty tips. Today I’m writing about a personal issue I have had since I was a child, and I’m sure there are many others out there who struggle with this too. I’m not going to ignore this issue anymore and you guys shouldn’t either.

A little more than 18 months ago, I got a book from my sister and when I saw the title of the book, I was quite upset. The book was called “Highly sensitive” I had long looked at the book, but did not read it until I became curious about what could be in such a book.

We all have our sensitive areas. It is said that certain sensitive people have a biological difference in the nervous system, which means that they are more susceptible to stimuli and impressions. Feelings and thoughts can affect certain sensitive people much stronger than it in other “normal” people. I am incredibly easy to tear and I’m quickly affected by emotions, thoughts, sad news, positive experiences and happy news. Many people think that I am not interested in what´s going on around the world, which is completely wrong, but my head just cannot cope with distressing news of war, rape and so on. When I hear such news, it goes directly into my skin and affects me mentally and I experience the same feelings if I see a human or animal get hurt.

Another thing I’ve struggled with since I was a child was thoughts and feelings about faith, superstition and spirits. I am still convinced that I have seen spirits as a child and my parents finally believes in me after a fortuneteller recently confirmed it. Today I do not see spirits, but have a feeling that I can feel them. My family and closest friends know stories about my experiences. I have read so many books about spirits, UFOs, played the game “spirit in the glass” and watched horror movies in my teen ages. I was easily influenced by the movies and was warned by a psychologist that I should stop watching the movies. It is said that special sensitive people find it easier to empathize with situations and live in a dream world where they do not always realize what is a dream and reality.FullSizeRender(6)

When one is Highly Sensitive, it is very important to get connected and take breaks more than normal people. Breaks for Highly sensitive people are so important; it doesn’t need to be long, maybe just five minutes alone with a cup of coffee. Relaxation makes a big difference so you can overcome impressions during the day, and therefore avoid becoming over stimulated. I have always been religious, and had an interest in creative hobbies as arranging, baking and taking pictures. Lately I have done a lot with baking and photography, as it is the way for me to take breaks by relaxing. Additionally, I find serenity when praying, meditating, listening to music, walking by the sea and being with children.

All people reach a closing point, but in special sensitive people it happens fast and often. If I do not “take care” of my Highly Sensitive sides enough, then I quickly reach the closing point, as I have not given myself time to process emotions, moods and impressions. I work to get better at listening to myself, so I do not reach my closing point so often.

Highly Sensitive people often feel that it is a shame and trying to hide and will not admit that they are Highly Sensitive. Today I have become wiser and have actually found out that I am not alone on the phenomenon. The best thing to do is admit that you are Highly sensitive and work on the different situations that affects you. The most important thing is that you do not feel pity, for there is nothing wrong in being Highly Sensitive, on the contrary, there are also some advantages to be Highly Sensitive. We often transfer other people’s energy and moods to us, but it is not always so negative that we can feel other people as much as we can.IMG_1635

Highly Sensitive people are born with many gifts and talents and if we learn to use them correctly, our life will be more harmonious and in balance than many other people. HERE ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF BEING SENSITIVE WE SHOULD APPRECIATE

Creative and good at creating.

You have a unique ability to create and you have an ability to create new things. You are creative on many different levels and often think “outside the box”.

Meticulous and has an ability to see the smallest details.

You pick up and process most things on a deeper level, you are often a formidable ability to pay attention to the smallest detail and especially in the areas, you care about.

Master in contemplation

You can go deeper into a specific field or you can do for a long time without getting bored. Because you have the introspection ability, you will often be very original and have innovative ideas for the area you have immersed yourself in.

You are hard working

You are used to make an extra effort because you constantly have to relate to environments, which can seem a stimulating effect on you. Once you have set yourself a goal, then you can achieve it too often because you are so industrious and get great lengths to achieve it.


Independence usually develops more and more the older you get. Usually you will also be better to stand by yourself and your independence the more you work with yourself and your personal development and maturing through it. You find a way to stand alone with your attitude and your approach to life and therefore choose often to go a second and different way than most.


As someone that is quite sensitive, you have a naturally open mind on the experiences that life gives you. You often experience art, music, nature, love and togetherness with other people on a very deep level. Having great self-awareness Your insight in and around yourself is often very large. It is a huge advantage when it comes to coping with stress and when it comes to your own personal development.

Flexible thinking.

You are also known as “freethinkers.” The standards that apply in your surroundings do not limit you and you’re really good at combining and combining different types of thinking, faiths and beliefs. Great empathy. You understand other people on a deeper level. Often you do not have words to sense how others feel. You’ll feel simply the energy of others and tuner quickly into them and feel very exactly how they feel.

With these beautiful advantages and abilities that I just outlined here, you will also be able to responsibly utilize your sensitivity in a positive manner. As a Highly Sensitive person, you have EXTRA opportunities to make a good life for yourself. The advantages here can be used as resources you can draw on, but you’ll have to pull them forward yourself. They are all potentials. So you should take responsibility for yourself to use, deal with and express the abilities and potentials you have as someone that is sensitive.

I hope all Highly Sensitive people out there will think more positive about them self and take all the positive advantages as a gift and make there life more beautiful.