Good Monday everyone 🙂

After a 6 months break, I’m finally back on 5Smiles. Lately I’ve been feeling a little under pressure with having two jobs while having to study. I have to admit that 5Smiles has not been one of my top priorities. A new year means new changes and I will try my best to do more blogging.
Last year, I received a new system camera as a birthday gift from my family and I’ve used it ever since. Before my birthday, I typically used my iPhone to take picture, but it was not an easy task to take pictures of myself for the blog without it being a selfie. Yes I hate selfies 🙂
On Christmas Eve 2013, I got a small tripod from my sister. The stand can be used for all smartphones and has a small remote controller, which makes it easier to capture perfect pictures. It is a smart tool for people who wants to take fantastic pictures with their smartphones.
Yesterday I finally asked my sister, where she bought the tripod, she laughed loudly and said it is from Netto (Danish discount supermarket). It was a spot product back in 2013, but you can still buy other smart camera tripods for smartphones here. They are not as cheap as mine, but you can find some good tripods.
Have a wonderful week 🙂